May 5, 2014


I started watching an NPR "live in concert" video of the band Future Islands (Live Concert).  I can respect them.  Not sure I totally love their music though.  It's not making me weep or anything.  I started to trail off and read the rest of the blurb on them.  They use the term Normcore, which I am apparently not cool enough to know.  But it sounds so cool.  Come to find out, it's not cool.  Normcore is about not being cool.  Why is our culture so confusing??? My friend Daniel did a blog post before about being a hipster, In Defense of the Hipster, which is a term that I love to use to make accusations of people and their character. That and Emo.
Ready for me to go deep?

Being cool is so not cool now.  It's like, being like....not different anymore.  To be deep, is so shallow.  It's hip to be square.

That was me being deep.

Alexa Chung, the model/TV presenter/columnist
said this about normcore:
Asked if she's 'into' normcore, she explained: "No, I am into it but I didn't recognise it as a category of dressing, it's just how people dress, but I know friends of mine that were included in the first article who were quite outraged by that. It's weird when you're just existing and people outside it gather you up and take away any unique vibe you thought you had. They're like, 'It's a trend' and you're like, 'What? No, I just exist.'"
this pic is from an article on normcore, it's basically my wardrobe  

Normcore is now going to be my favorite term to describe things.  Everything is going to be Normcore.  Alex is going to hate it.  Probably as much as he hates it when I say "cray cray". 

In fact, I embrace normcore.  I AM normcore.  To the core.

Mar 21, 2014

Artist Date

I decided to take an artist date.  I miss live music. Listening to Frozen all day doesn't quench it...shocker. So here I am at Skyline Motor lounge listening to this chick rock out and drinking tasty wine, eventually switching to beer. Makes me feel like Nay Nay.

Oct 25, 2013

Pre-gaming it

Mwah ha ha...
Halloween 2013 has begun...for us die-hards.
Tonight Alex said he's never seen me so geeky.  I was like the only adult that was dressed up, besides the ones who were volunteering for the Trunk or Treat.  I couldn't believe how many people don't know who Maleficent is.  Alex was like "people know you're a witch".  I was like..."no, I'm a fairy."  He later told me that that was the geekiest thing I have ever said, standing there in my adult children's character costume.
Serena wanted some candy and Alex told her that she couldn't have any because it was for the Oompa Loompas.  Serena was like, "What?" and he said, "yeah, you leave the candy at the door at night and the Oompa Loompas come and get it".  Nice Alex.
Alex was not in a real costume.  Serena wanted him to be prince Charming.  I said he should be prince Phillip (my geekiness strikes again) and then he said he was prince Charming, pretending to be prince Phillip...dressed up like prince Eric.  Nice Alex.
Notice (in the picture) how much of a freak Alex is about Serena being warm...and he dressed the baby...with no socks.
Nothing is cuter than a baby wearing wings.

Diablo the Raven, Maleficent and Aurora

Aug 27, 2013

Conversations with a 3 year old girl

Serena at breakfast:  These eggs are not good for my breast milk
Me:  When did you get breasts?
Serena: ummmmmm....last summer
Me:  It happens like that sometimes.  You go through puberty.  That's when a kid becomes an adult.
Serena....thinking hard:  That was the worst summer ever.  Me and Ella were pregnant and then we had to pee in a cup.

Jul 12, 2013

Crankee Doodle

Get this book for your kid! We got it from the library and it is really entertaining for both of us.  I do the horses voice really deep and dumb.  Crankee Doodles voice is easy, I just try to sound like my 3 year old. Now Serena makes me sing her the song all the time.

Jul 7, 2013

Home Updates

Some updates on decor in the living room, dining room and Cecilia's room.  Not bad for a Sunday afternoon with a newborn and a 3 year old.
The giant orchid is pretty badass. 
Cecilias room theme is loosely nautical, not done with it yet. 
The dining room wall was blank for over a year, got sick of looking at we put up stuff we had in the closet,  a shelf that used to be in Serena's old room, my cookbooks which were in the closet, and 2 random frames that we used to have up but couldn't figure out where we wanted them.  Its not Better Homes & Gardens worthy, but its cute.

Jun 15, 2013

...on "Man Caves"

Alex and I were watching a home makeover show and the husband was talking about how he really wanted a "man cave".  Alex was like "what the hell, why does he deserve a space for himself" and I was like, "yeah, I mean, where is the WOMAN CAVE...and why does he need to GET AWAY from his wife and 2 kids".  I was so glad we finally agreed on something.  Man caves are dumb.  We could see having a space for the whole family to enjoy downtime, but a "man cave" sounds like a bad idea for a marriage. 
 I think instead of a "man cave" 
it should be called a "douche den".  

May 3, 2013

Hot Blonde

Leave it to me, to jack up my hair right before I give birth.  I was trying to get ready, you know...shave (which I know is not the last time) , do my nails, touch up my hair, lotion my skin...hey, you never know when she is coming.  It's not that bad, just more blonde than I am used to and a little fried.
I put Serena down for a nap, got my highlighting kit ready.
I started to pull my hair through the cap...WTF!  It hurt like a mot$%$&%$%$%er.  Seriously.  I realized the pick thing that pulls the hair through the cap was all jacked, usually it is just a little bit hooked, but this one was not quality was like a medieval torture device. Did I stop using it?  No, because I paid for it and I am 38 weeks pregnant and I am NOT going to waste time taking it back.  So I suffered through it, I was talking myself through it, almost crying, saying "pain for beauty Renee"...
Instead of it pulling my hair through in small, thin strands to make subtle highlights, it was pulling large knotted lumpy strands.  I should have stopped, I knew it was a poor course to choose.  So, now I  am pretty a blonde beached whale.  Excuse the no make-up in the photo.
My cosmetologist mom would be so
Who's next?

Apr 3, 2013

A good Laugh

We went to this super ghetto fair around the corner from us last weekend.  Serena was all talk about riding everything, but it took a lot of coaxing and bad parenting to get her to ride the dang rides we spend $15 on.  So there was this frog hop ride, and the guy said Alex could go on it with her, even though most of the others he couldn't.  So they get on, Serena reluctantly, and the thing starts going up.  Then about 8 feet up, it starts to" hop", basically it was abusive banging up and down in quick thrusts...Alex's nuts were already squished at the start and his face was concerned before it even started.  So there they are, Alex trying to suck his nuts in and Serena screaming crying and I am peeing my pants laughing, the carnie is laughing maniacally, as well as a few other bystanders.  The ride finally ended and Alex thanked the guy in a high pitched voice.  We told Serena she was brave and that daddy was crying too, so don't feel bad.  It was one of my favorite moments as a family.

Feb 7, 2013

Bad Breath

So, my awesome 2 year old daughter has decided to scream and cry in the morning when she smells my breath.  She's like "I DON'T LIKE THAT SMELL!!!!!"
We tell her it's not nice to say that.
I haven't chewed gum in like 2 months.
Tonight at dinner she says "Did you know, pregnant women need to chew gum so their breath doesn't smell bad".
Thanks for the tip kid.

Jan 30, 2013

Valentine Craft (for Catholics)

Here is a link to a super cool craft I just did in  like 10 minutes.

It's a really cute valentines countdown with bible verses.
Love easy crafts.
Hate my crappy phone picture.

Jan 27, 2013

Pampered Chef Success!

my new fluted pan
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Here are some pics I took tonight of my first Pampered Chef dinner!  I made a cake in less than 20 minutes...start to the microwave!  It was a butter pecan apple cake in my new fluted pan.  I also used my deep covered baker, to cook my own variation of enchiladas, with ground beef, canned tomatoes, spinach, mozarella cheese and sour less than 10 the microwave! 
My friend Lindsay started her pampered chef consulting and I had an online party, it was so easy and I got some sweet stuff...literally. 
Here's the link to her page if you want to have a party!
Oh man...I am sooooo stuffed but it feels so good. 
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Jan 12, 2013

The Name Game

I finally remembered to look up baby #2's name definition...the meaning of Cecilia.  My name means "rebirth" and Serena means "peaceful".  So Cecilia, being the name of the Saint I picked for confirmation, the Saint of Music...I thought it would have a cool meaning.
It means...
Blind or Sixth.
Yikes.  Have a jinxed this kid or what?  How can I make sense of this....please be born on the 6th...please be born on the 6th...
Blind.  How can I spin that one.  Let's just negate the "blind" definition, at least until she grows up and looks it up herself.  I know...I will pull a "Sleeping Beauty" and take all the computers in the land and burn them so she can never look it up.  I have read that book too many times.
So Cecilia could be born on the 6th, she ISN'T the 6th  child, although I could tell her she was and that the other 4 were boys so we sold them for labor. 
Oh well, not every name can have a super cool meaning.  She will be super cool on her own.
Speaking of the name game, Serena has mastered it...and her favorite name to guessed it Chuck.
unrelated pic, me and some of my fav mommy friends
Figure it out.

Jan 6, 2013

My new theme song

I am pregnant!  Baby number 2 is due May 21st...Cecilia.
So, this song will be stuck in my head for the next...well...until I die probably.  I did it to myself.
But I have changed the lyrics slightly, to go along with my pregnancy...
It's now...
Cecilia, you're breaking my heart, you're giving me heartburn daily...

Nov 19, 2012

DIY Gift #1

So broke.  I saw this tutorial on pinterest from a cute blog Nestled and thought it looked cute.  That is my awesome modeling picture.  Yeah.....   I might make some more for xmas gifts, it was really easy once I stared at the ribbon, washers and tutorial for like 30 minutes.  I hope to make some more gifts.  It's pretty tough being crafty, or copy-crafty.  I have the attention span of a tick right now.

Oct 30, 2012

Band of Horses: "Slow, Cruel Hands Of Time," Live on Soundcheck

Old Married Couple

I spend so much time with Serena, my 2 year old, that I often feel like an old married couple.
Tonight she said "mommy, snuggle with me in bed", then she proceeded to shower me with kisses and hugs and I was really into it...
then she said "O.K., get off now".

Sep 10, 2012


My 2 year old got into the bag with all the Easter eggs and they still had jelly beans in them.  Since she is not allowed to eat jellybeans or anything with sugar, I started to panic and shove them in my mouth by the handful.  We were having a jelly bean eating race, And I was super concerned with having to deal with her after she ingested all of those jelly beans.  After eating 100 myself, I decided that a better idea would be to stop shoving them in my mouth, and put them in a bag in the cupboard.

Sep 4, 2012

Morality...Princess Style

I was thinking about all the princess books I read Serena and how the lessons can be pretty harsh...harsh but that, we tell our 2 year olds this shit.  Here is what I have learned and am teaching my daughter.

Cinderella: Clean your room, have many animal friends, be nice, and you will go to a party and meet a dude and he will find your shoe and marry you.

Ariel:  Get over your obsession with being someone you are not, or you will never talk again.  Just kidding, your daddy will fix it.

Brave:  Don't like the dudes your parents picked out?  Beat them up, put a spell on your mom and fight your dad with a sword.  Then you will end up alone and happy.

Tangled: Cut off your hair.

Belle: Read books and you will be smart, marry a hairy man...he is hot under that fur.

Tiana:  Save money your whole life and you will still need a miracle to make shit happen.

Snow White:  Are 7 little men better than 1big one?  Apparently.

Sleeping Beauty:  Touch something you are not supposed to and everyone will get a nice long nap.

Aug 26, 2012

Magazine Inspirations

I was just speaking to someone the other day about how as we age, our magazine subscriptions change.  In my teens it was Seventeen, Self, National my 20's it was People, Newsweek, that I am 30, I subscribe to Parents, Better Homes and Gardens...etc.
Better Homes and Gardens is just my speed right now.  Since we are new homeowners, I really enjoy the decorating tips, the gardening advice and of course, the recipes.
Are magazines becoming a lost art form?  I feel like I have always loved reading magazines.  I love books too, but sometimes you just want something light.  It's great to just chill with a magazine.  I love short blurbs of inspiration.  I just told Alex that I want to make one of our walls in the kitchen or dining room a magnetic/chalkboard wall...not for Serena, but for me.  I think it would be cool to put up recipes and articles up on the wall, to have a place to go for home inspiration.
sort of like this

...or like this...only better

The problem is, that I want it now.  Alex won't let me do any fun decorating until all of the non-fun stuff is done, like the A/C unit and flooring etc.

Anyway, the point of this post was to share some of the cool tips I read in this months BHG issue.
Here they are, I am spreading the wealth:

1.  Keep icebox cookie dough in your freezer to make homemade treats quickly. 
2.  If painting something a bright color, use gray primer.
3.  To dress up place settings, use mini bouquets of branches from your yard tied with ribbon.
4.  You can make a shitty fitting sweater look good... if you're Heidi Klum
5.  Beauty tips: Use mascara on the inner lashes only to open up your eyes and make them rounder, use coconut oil on damaged hair: warm it, comb it into damp hair, after 15 minutes shampoo and condition it out.
6.  Idiot beauty tip:  For natural waves, curl your hair and use shit! LMAO.
7.  Grapes are freshest this month.  Store them in a covered container (I don't), but I will now.
8.  Eat chocolate, of course a women's magazine will tell you this.

Aug 25, 2012


So, I picked up this ABC book from the library, and I didn't realize what it was about.
We got home and I started to read it, and it took me like 4 pages to realize it was about being gay.
I was confused by the use of "moms" and "dads" as plural.
I looked over the cover again and started to laugh because I realized how obvious it was. 
Upon closer examination, I thought this might be pretty insulting.
I know I would be offended by the way they chose to depict these couples. 
It's pretty stereotypical in a bad way.
Check it out.

Aug 23, 2012

Potty bloopers

My 2 year old just ran into her bathroom and said "Give me some space!"
I said, "what?"
She said, "Give me some privacy."